Gia Love

NAME: Gia McFadden

BIRTH DATE: June 2001

SEX: female

RACE: Asian-Hispanic

AGE: 9

EYE COLOR: ruby, hazel

HEIGHT: 11" or 28.5 cm

LENGTH: 15" or 38.5 cm

HOBBIES: eating, napping, cuddling, being scratched, going on walks, driving in cars, being pretty

A Day in Gia's Life
Senior Gia napping.

Going for a walk around the neighborhood.

The big world through Gia's eyes and at her height.

Eating lunch.

Guarding the window and enjoying the view.

Gia in the car.

Gia on the front steps during Halloween.

Waking from a nap.

Modeling a cute sweater.

Gia at Xmas.

Bath time!


Gremlin Gia.