Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grimoire- A Fairy Tale Come True

Neat NHK video about Grimoire fashion. This style is inspired by the woods, fairy tales, folk costumes, gypsies and the dark stories compiled by the Brothers Grimm. Recipe for magic!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Burning House

I was so inspired by Foster Huntington's website The Burning House, where people submit photographs of prized possessions that they would save were their house to be engulfed by flames, that I decided to go about my room and see what I would want beside me on the lawn as I watch my house go up in smoke. It's such a neat concept and it was refreshing and fascinating to see this idea realized on a universal scale with entries from all over the world. Each entry was touching and deeply revealing about their submitter.

Before having discovered this website, I had many times wondered as I was in bed or in the car what I would save if I only had a few minutes to collect my things before it was too late. It made me think of vanitas still-lifes and the uselessness of the things I had accumulated in my room, things of little necessity and yet which each mean something to me and the life I have created for myself. To think that in a moment, it could all be destroyed. However, there are a few irreplaceable items in my room that are of absolute importance to me--that I would risk my life to save. Of course, I would save my family and Gia first and foremost, but let's say they could save themselves. What then would I rush around dumping into a blanket?

Vogue Girl Korea

I've always wanted to dye my hair pastel pink and seeing this editorial in Vogue Girl Korea is making me seriously consider it. Vogue Girl Korea does a wonderful job of capturing the ultra feminine and sugary sensibilities of the true girly-girl.

Harpsichord Appreciation Day

In appreciation of the beautiful and at times, eerie sounds created by the harpsichord, my favorite musical instrument of all time. This is for all the times that snobby musicians have scoffed at the Baroque instrument, misunderstanding its importance to the world of classical music, and loathed it's sounds, and in the words of one friend reiterating famous musical conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, said that "the sound of a harpsichord" was like "two skeletons copulating on a tin roof in a thunderstorm" --this is for you Harpsichord, y'ole rebel.

Playlist below that will hopefully convert you to the excellence and musical delight of the Harpsichord!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ondine: Free People Edition

The gamine sea nymph dons nets and tattered fabrics that glisten with sand. She emerges from the waves, her damp body iridescent with drops of sea water and clumps of seaweed lit by the moon. Her dress is the color of sea foam. Like the surface of the sea in sunlight, the sequins and stones sewn into her clothes reflect the light on land. She layers crochet and netting to allow glimpses of her pearly body beneath. 

water scene from the film "Romeo + Juliet" (1996)
I came across a few pieces by the brand Free People that truly capture the magical aura of the sea nymph. Think gauzy and sheer, knotted and crocheted. Visit their online store to purchase the items below:

Electrifying Electronics

Electrifying accessories for your electronics and desk that make my heart miss a beat.
Cooperative trompe l'oeil laptop case $28: Urban Outfitters
This ultra-chic trompe l'oeil laptop case was sold out at UO. After months of writing to UO's customer service to see if they would restock this item, I was thrilled to see that the case is back in stock! I've never seen a cuter laptop case and probably won't for a long time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boombox Romance

I recently saw "Say Anything" (1989) for the first time and what can I say, I found myself completely enchanted by John Cusack's character! Why can't the world be populated with more Lloyd Doblers?! Talk about old school wooing and chivalry. Man, I love me some 80s romance films.

John Cusack in "Say Anything" (1989)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glenn Gould: A Modern Inspiration

Glenn Gould, 1950s
I can't get over how incredibly modern Canadian pianist Glenn Gould's style was for a young man living in the fifties. It's little news that throughout his career he was known as an eccentric who wore gloves to protect his hands and donned a scarf and overcoat in the middle of summer. Is it any wonder that he became somewhat of a fashion icon in the mid fifties despite or really in answer to how different he was? His extraordinary appearance made him the focus of Vogue, Glamour and Life editorials.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strawberries For Summer- Arg! Captain Jennifer

A blog by Arg! Captain Jennifer. 
Howdy! This is my first time bloggin' and I hope you guys like it. See the little dancing Domo at the top? That means that Arg! Captain Jennifer is blogging. Keep an eye out for him. ;)
This summer, indulge yourself with decadent strawberries. These in season fruits scream summer with their  sultry bright red colour and sweet taste. In my first blog post ever, I will show you some cute things to do with strawberries. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woodland Nymph

My inspiration for this summer is the Pre-Raphaelite nymph who wanders the woods and lives among the meadows and lakes. She wears layers of delicate gossamer that are as light and wispy as cobwebs and shimmer with dew. She dons sheer skirts and trains that are stained with wet grass and dust. Her loose waves tumble down her shoulders and breasts and are crowned with flowers, twigs, and leaves. She roams the woods singing songs and tangling her fingers through her hair and dreaming of knights and heroes.

Elle Denmark 2011
A stunning editorial from Elle Denmark that evokes the otherworldly beauty of the graces and nymphs from lore.

See items available for purchase that evoke the woodland nymph:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Our mom received a bountiful booty on this day. It's the least we could do in appreciation of our loving mom.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunbathing Beauty

A few adorable, retro inspired swimsuits available for 2011.

floral rush bikini top $98, bottom $98:
My favorite swim set! I love the high-waisted bikini bottom. This set is reversible--one side shows a floral pattern while the other has pink-colored smocking. You can create at least four different looks with this set! People will think you have tons of swimsuits. This is definitely worth your money.

Anti-Aging Pillow?

You've read it in the beauty section in magazines and heard it confirmed on the Dr. Oz show: sleeping on your side gives you wrinkles on your cheeks and chin, not to mention acne. I never quite paid attention to these warnings--who can help how they sleep? Having fallen asleep with my face towards the ceiling, I'd find upon waking in the morning that I was facing a completely new direction, either on my side or on my stomach. I believed that my wild sleeping habits were, alas, incorrigible. Besides, I wasn't worried about wrinkles in my early twenties!

However, to my horror, I began to notice that my unruly sleeping position was leaving its marks on my face. I noticed that the left side of my face was beginning to sag and that I had developed a subtle line from the inner corner of my eye down to my cheek. Now this could be paranoia, sun-damage from driving, or the simple fact that no person has a perfectly symmetrical face, but it nevertheless left me very self-conscious and depressed. I also realized that I slept mainly on my left side. The coincidences were too great to ignore now. I was therefore determined to correct my sleeping position in order to prevent further sagging and future break outs on my left cheek.

Continue reading for details about my experimentation with anti-aging pillows.

Lulamae SS11

"But, Doc, I'm not fourteen any more, and I'm not Lulamae. But the terrible part is (and I realized it while we were standing there) I am."

*Breakfast at Tiffany's, Truman Capote

The slight country girl who sits on the porch with a strand of golden brown hair in her mouth, dreaming of bigger things, the city.

Wispy bangs that are tumbled by the meadow breeze and braids tied with black ribbons and finished with wavy curls at the ends. A mix of golden browns and auburn, like the color of fields of wheat.

Full gingham skirts paired with flats or low heeled ballet pumps. Match with crisp white-collared shirts or cream blouses with peter pan or crochet collars trimmed with ribbon. Pair black or smokey gray jeans with chambray tie-shirts. Keep warm during summer nights layered with a denim jacket.

Photo of Audrey Hepburn (second from left) as Lulamae in 1961 film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Lookbook coming soon. Come again!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Victory for the USA

Victory Gia

My Country, 'Tis of Thee

Every spring, the British seem to be gearing up for Independence Day more than their American counterparts. I wonder, is this something to do with the approach of July 4th, a tactic to ease the blow of American independence?

Last spring, my eyes were struck by the blatant British appropriation of the American flag splashed across high-street spring collections by the likes of  Primark and Topshop. As I wandered around the Topshop flagship store, Oxford Circus, I was wholly surprised and humored by the kitschy renditions of America painted on hotpants, jeans, tank tops, and sweaters. At once, I was comforted by its familiarity. The homeland was so close and so very palpable. My little sister, Jennifer, must have felt it too, for she lifted a pair of hotpants emblazoned with the stars and stripes and contemplated the noble colors and pattern before swiftly placing it back on the rail.

We understood that we could never wear such accoutrement outside of the UK, let alone in the States. We would be, well, typical Americans, bordering on fanatic patriots. We had to be careful of being walking logos for our nation, whereas in the UK, we could at least pretend to be hip Britons sporting the flag of the USA as we Americans are wont to go gaga over T-shirts printed with the Union Jack.

What is this UK obsession with the American flag and our own with theirs? This dual fascination with the "exotic" and national symbols of the other? We are no different from our friends; in fact, we have utilized their flag for a variety of souvenirs, knickknacks, and yes, clothes. Perhaps we aren't so very different after all. We altered their national anthem "God Save the Queen" and kept it as our own patriotic song, "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," didn't we?

See Primark and Topshop's exploitation (ha ha, I jest) of all things American.

Primark SS11