Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Our mom received a bountiful booty on this day. It's the least we could do in appreciation of our loving mom.

I found a beautiful pair of vintage decanters at Tiara Day in downtown Frederick and decided to type up very fitting fortunes for my mom to place inside of the "wish"decanters so that they could come true. Also found a very funny tin bank so that my mom can save up her money and treat herself to something nice without our dad getting to it first. Jennifer bought our mom a ketchup and mustard salt and pepper set, a vintage handkerchief, and an eggplant pot scrubber. She also created a coupon book redeemable for chores and good behavior.


  1. everything is so cute ! did you do the lolita lempicka and the starbucks coffee-like card drawings ?

  2. thank you! yes, i drew the lolita lempicka tags and my little sister created the starbucks bag online :)