Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woodland Nymph

My inspiration for this summer is the Pre-Raphaelite nymph who wanders the woods and lives among the meadows and lakes. She wears layers of delicate gossamer that are as light and wispy as cobwebs and shimmer with dew. She dons sheer skirts and trains that are stained with wet grass and dust. Her loose waves tumble down her shoulders and breasts and are crowned with flowers, twigs, and leaves. She roams the woods singing songs and tangling her fingers through her hair and dreaming of knights and heroes.

Elle Denmark 2011
A stunning editorial from Elle Denmark that evokes the otherworldly beauty of the graces and nymphs from lore.

See items available for purchase that evoke the woodland nymph:

John William Waterhouse, Ophelia, 1889
Waterhouse's paintings perfectly embody the delicate and ethereal heroine, who is, at her core, a child of nature. In this case, our heroine is driven to madness by her lover, Hamlet.

peach and lace crown $20: Little Honey Pie Headbands
No maiden of the woods should be without her crown of flowers and berries. For a sizable and reasonably priced selection of handmade Pre-Raphaelitesque flower crowns and garlands, visit this Etsy shop:

printed godet slip $68: Free People
This photo of Free People's godet slip simply does not do it justice. In person, it is simply exquisite to the eyes and touch. Made of the sheerest and most delicate fabric it truly seems to be the stuff of fairies, spun out of cobwebs and fairy dust. Amazingly, the godets sewn into the slip create a volume that is as light and ephemeral as clouds. Seeing one walk in this slip would be like seeing a nymph in motion. It doubles as an equally charming skirt to be layered over another dress or slip.

daylight duster slip $88: Free People
Adds romance to any ensemble layered over or under maxi dresses or slips. Free People makes unique pieces that add charm and flavor to the bohemian girl's closet. Visit their online store:

                                                         branch bobby pin $12: Urban Outfitters
Look like a creature of the enchanted woods. These bobby pins add a sparkling touch to dark locks. They are well crafted and are quite large, allowing them to clasp greater amounts of hair.

cream lace applique swing tunic $130: Topshop
Bring out your inner romantic with this delicate top. Your forearms will look so dainty sheathed in the sheer fluted sleeves.

To get you in the mood: read John Keats, Lord Alfred Tennyson, visit Tate Britain, soak up William Morris, Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and John Everett Millais, and why not throw in Jean Giraudoux and read Ondine


  1. merci! so glad you liked it. i wanted it to bring out the romantic dormant within our contemporary society.