Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Topshop Picks

UK high-street clothing brand Topshop has designed many fresh and mod-inspired pieces for spring 2011. Known for their reasonably priced (well, for UK shoppers, that is) trendy clothing and accessories, Topshop is a major (and popular) brand in the UK, beloved for making current trends and fashion crushes accessible to the British masses. At times, one has to be wary of those overtly trendy items that  verge on guadiness and have no life outside a disco club. But that's the pleasure of shopping, isn't it, weeding through the bulk to find gems.

To my pleasant surprise, Topshop has recently produced a few pieces of amazing workmanship and with stunning, unique details. I adore their revival of the peter pan collar and am excited by their sizeable collection of crochet and applique concoctions--retro mania! Here are six of my favorite pieces for this spring:

lemon applique overlay peter pan collar crop blouse $75
MOTO blue denim embroidered hotpants $66

cream knitted embroidered crochet tank top $120

cream crochet collar swing top $66

VERONIQ white lace flower chain strap Mary Jane pumps $56

cream crochet swing dress $100

MOTO vintage wash ditsyembroidered skinny jeans $100: Topshop

Sticker shocked and bewildered as to why I wrote "reasonably priced"? Alas, the demise of the USD has made fashion, even high-street fashion difficult to attain. There is currently one Topshop store in the States located in Soho, NY, and as expected from a foreign brand, the prices are double the amount in USD what they are in GBP. I suppose they must make up for shipping and import costs, but it's still a bit irritating that Americans have to pay nearly double what our friends across the pond are paying. However, I have a sly way of saving 10% off every purchase at Topshop--why didn't I think of this before?!

Instead of buying a Student Advantage Card (which I considered solely for the sake of saving a few bucks at Topshop), use this Student Advantage ID (which some kind soul made available on the web) to receive a 10% discount next time you're ready to check out online ( )--it goes a long way!

Student ID: 09689386509385584938

What are your favorite Topshop pieces and what are you wearing from Topshop this spring and summer?
wHat aBout yOu?

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  1. Hee hee Disco club. x) I liked your picks. Very cute. And if I had a credit card, I would definitely use the promo code. Deuces <3