Wednesday, April 27, 2011


stationery: Artbox; laptop case: Urban Outfitters
Artbox has adorable school accessories and desk supplies. My favorite theme is the sketch-like drawings of art and office supplies which I've collected over two years. I love how this theme looks hand-drawn and it seems as though Artbox has been carrying this collection for several years, continuing to add new items to its range. I was thrilled when my good friend, Zoe, bought me the white covered journal from Artbox in Covent Garden. This journal is perfect for those who like to draw or sketch for its pages are unlined and have the texture of manila paper (ah, brings back the days of good ole studio art in high school.) It's also quite thick, like a volume or Dickens novel, allowing you to write your own saga. Studying is much more fun paired with a Cooperative trompe l'oeil laptop case from UO, a vinyl pencil pouch, plastic file folder with notebook, planner, and two sketchbooks thanks to Artbox ( ).

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  1. OMG I like this brand so much! I had 2 folders , one with this particular sketch like cute drawings BUT it broke >.< ==> BOTH ! its not very good quality...