Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I made this Christmas ornament to add a little Christmas cheer to my room. It's fairly simple to make. I glued a miniature glass doe inside the ornament and added white glitter to make it look like it was sleeping in snow.

1 clear plastic ornament
1 pack of snowflake buttons
1 plastic or glass figurine
fabric strips or ribbon

1. Open ornament. Glue snowflakes on inside of ornament and allow to dry.
2. Glue figurine on one of the ornament's halves.
3. Holding the half of the ornament that has the figurine glued on it, pour a small amount of glitter into it. Then snap other half over it and make sure the ornament is tightly sealed.
4. Tie ribbon through top loop and add a bow.

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