Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alice Room

A fascinating look inside artist Meghan Boody's surreal New York loft. One of Boody's secret rooms is reminiscent of Alice's adventures in Wonderland with it's shrunken scale and doll-like decor. Ever since I saw this image on one of the blogs that I follow, Six Impossible Things (, I've been so inspired by this miniature hideaway and determined to create my own little "Wonderland" room complete with a four-foot door. I hope to fill it with curious objects and a little bed where I can feast my eyes and escape the real world whenever I grow tried of it.

Meghan Boody in one of her secret rooms. Photograph by Ofer Wolberger in New York

Meghan Boody climbing the set of stairs to her loft. Photograph by Ofer Wolberger in New York

Read "We're All Mad Here," by Wendy Goodman in New York magazine for a complete look at Boody's whimsical abode:

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  1. sooo small, why did i not see that before! is it like a secret room under the stairs?